Methods 3 – Fall 2015 – Student Projects

Final projects for Design and Urban Ecologies, Methods 3.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Mumbai, India

[RE]Settle is a Comparative Analysis of Human Settlements in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Mumbai, India.

Bushwick's Historic Theaters & Performance Access Equity

Brooklyn, NY, USA

The locations of historic theaters in Bushwick opened from 1895 - 1928. AND The locations of performing arts venues in Brooklyn, 2015.

Communes under risk of urbanization.

Quito, Ecuador

This map analyzes the urbanization and real-estate pressures that the communes and parroquias in Quito are suffering.

Displacement Risk from De Blasio's Jerome Avenue Rezoning

Bronx, New York

A proposed a rezoning initiative in the Bronx claims to create affordable housing. This project examines the validity of these claims.

Elementary School Utilization vs. Population Change Under 10

New York, NY, USA

Can population change under 10 years old between 2000-2010 help us understand why some elementary schools are over- or under-utilized?

Housing and the Gardiner

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This map visualizes how the city of Toronto spends money in two areas: the Gardiner Expressway, and Housing for low income and the homeless.

How to visualize social-spatial segregation?

Brasilia, Brazil

This project aims to use the parameters of race, income and density of Brasilia to highlight the discrepancies placed in the city

Industry & Infrastructure: Cancer Alley, LA and Detroit, MI

Baton Rouge, LA; New Orleans, LA; Detroit, MI

Original research and aggregated, normalized data, mapping a history and effects of industrial and infrastructural works.

Land Use & Foreign Capital Investments in Ecuador


To understand land-use in Ecuador in relationship to its agriculture production and the influence and involvement of foreign investment.

Mining activities in Brazil - ongoing environmental disaster

Minas Gerais, Brazil

Two maps document mining in Brazil - one depicts the impact of a dam burst, another investigates overlaps of mining and preservation areas.

New York City is Built on Trash

New York, NY, USA

New Yorkers have always struggled with their trash. This map traces the rich history of landfills in the city.

School "Reorganization" and Occupations in São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil

This project maps the massive reorganization of public schools in São Paulo, highlighting the impacts of 94 schools that are being closed.

Subway Vulnerabilities: Problems We Cannot Hide Underground

New York, NY, USA

An exploratory investigation about vulnerabilities of NYC subway system and reasons why it should not be taken for granted

Why do People Move? - Mapping a Brief History of Migration


This project traces the factors that were responsible for the migration of indigenous people from rural to urban areas, in Ecuador.